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Introducing Phoenix Chiropractor, Keith Smigiel DC

Dr. Keith Smigiel graduated from Life University 1995, and has been in private heath and wellness practice for 14 years. He is Part III certified in network spinal analysis.  His post graduate studies include Network Spinal Analysis, Chiropractic Neurology, and the Thompson Technique. Dr. Smigiel also attends Nutraceutical post graduate studies to stay current on the latest research and development of natural products that enhance quality of life. He is an active member of the Arizona Chiropractic Society. He is married to Angela and has two children Sophia and Larz. Dr. Smigiel enjoys hiking, mountain biking, motocross and boating.

You can expect the most professional chiropractic care and services.

Dr. Smigiel strives to keep abreast of all the latest techniques and studies with his focus on educating you on a healthier and more robust lifestyle.

Dr. Keith also focuses on chiropractic care for children, pregnancy, health and wellness, digestive wellness, offers a line of wellness products and could help you get on a wellness program.

After doing hundreds of hours of hospital, nursing home, emergency room, OB and med-surge rotations Dr. Smigiel quickly realized patients need help and strategies to help their bodies heal.  As a RN we are taught to educate first.  We were taught to engage patients with their healthcare.  We encourage patients to ask us questions.  Functional medicine is becoming a big part of Dr. Smigiel practice because he can help patients become more vibrant and self-reliant with their overall health.  The endocrine system is very complex and it communicates to every cell of your body.  Dr. Smigiel has learned that sometimes your own body starts attacking itself. Dr. Smigiel can help stop the chaos and bring harmony back not only to your nervous system but your hormonal and immune system as well.

Our mission:

Our Chiropractic Clinic serves gentle and effective vertebral subluxation based chiropractic care to keep the patients spine healthy and free of disease.

Dr. Keith focuses on empowering people into making healthier choices by educating them about body’s capability to self heal, and by giving them the means to make healthier choices in life.

We help our patients heal their bodies naturally without drugs, surgery or side effects thru chiropractic and wellness practices.

Assist patients to allow their bodies to express maximum health potential to not only be free from symptoms, but to be truly healthy.

Call 602.485.9390 to learn more about the Smigiel Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

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