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Chiropractic For Children

As simple as it may sound infants, children and teenagers have spines too. They also have physical, emotional and chemical stresses that cause subluxations. It often begins with the birth process, depending on how the baby was born, with drugs, c-sections, premature, forceps etc. These are frequently the causes of their first subluxation. Learning to walk, playing sports, social stress, poor posture, school stress including heavy backpacks also contribute to subluxations. If you do not address these subluxations early on they could grow with these injuries and possibly contribute to an array of health problems.

Chiropractic has been clinically demonstrated to help with ear infections, scoliosis, colic, digestive problems, immune system dysfunction and many other health challenges.

“Our first child suffered from colic, and we were up every night, all night worried that we were doing something wrong. Once we started getting adjusted at Smigiel Family Chiropractic, Dr. Keith Smigiel educated us on colic, started adjusting our daughter and the colic issue went away. Since then, our second child has been going to Dr. Keith Smigiel on a regular basis, since the day he was born.” — Kira, Phoenix AZ

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