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Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich loves Chiropractic

Published in 1937 and with over 70 million copies sold Napoleon Hill tells his chiropractic story about his son Blair able to hear after chiropractic adjustments. The picture text is small but here it is:

“My son, Blair, was born without ears. The two physicians who brought him into the world warned me that Blair would always be a deaf mute. I warned them my son would eventually have his hearing 100%.
the true story could not be told until the two physicians who brought him into the world had died, because they were Blair’s uncles and they objected to the way and method of bringing complete recovery of his hearing.
“Up to the age of 18 months, Blair could not hear a sound. We had tried every known test and Blair had been examined by many specialists… all who said he would never hear.
“Then a ‘miracle’ began to happen. I took Blair to a chiropractor who began giving him adjustments (against the objections of his mother and other relatives). By the end of the first month, and after adjustments three times weekly, we knew that Blair was beginning to hear. He would turn his head to listen when I clapped my hands behind his back.”
“The adjustments continued until Blair was 4 years old. By that time, chiropractic had developed 65% of his natural hearing capacity… enough to get him through grade school, high school, and three years in the University of West Virginia.
“The Acousticion Company, manufacturer of hearing aids, heard about Blair’s miraculous improvement in hearing through chiropractic and made a special hearing aid for him which gave him 100% hearing capacity.
“Blair is living a normal life, thanks to my having stood my ground for chiropractic adjustments when others around me were fighting me and the chiropractor.
“I began taking chiropractic adjustments along with Blair and I have continued to do so for the past 50 years. Perhaps this explains why, at the age of 85, my annual physical checkup fits perfectly with the health pattern of a man not over 50 years of age.”
I take chiropractic adjustments regularly… not to get well, but to keep from getting sick.
“With this public statement, I have paid a long overdue debt which I have owed to chiropractic for saving my son from going through life as a deaf mute and myself from being an ‘old’ man at the age of 85.”

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